We had a great Virtual Gala in 2020, but this may be a new experience for you. We've compiled some tips and ideas to help you enjoy the evening.

Invite your friends (as recommended by CDC guidelines) for drinks, dinner, or dessert to watch Faces of Innocence Gala and learn more about the Midwest Innocence Project.


On the night of July 22, welcome your guests, tune into our Gala live stream on CrowdCast, and enjoy your evening from the comfort of your living room!

Visit our our Golden Ticket page for drawing information.

Read on for other fun tips and how to get connected.

technology tips

If you have pre-registered you will receive an email with instructions and a link to connect to the Faces of Innocence Virtual Gala on Crowdcast.

On July 22, a "join the gala" button will be added to the FOI home page so you can go directly to the virtual gala on Crowdcast.

If you have any questions please contact office@themip.org.

Dress Up

When was the last time you put on real pants? Just because you are staying in your home, it doesn't mean that you can't glam up the evening by dressing up in something special. Or not. It's your space, feel free to dress down too. 


No more generic "chicken with seasonal vegetables", you get to decide how to indulge for the evening. Support a local restaurant by ordering a special meal to go, or grab some take away cocktails & craft beer to really enjoy the show.

Be Social

Host a mini gala gathering with another couple (as permitted by CDC guidelines), or set up a Facebook room where you can chat with your friends and colleagues. You can still be social even if we're distant.


Set up a challenge with another business, firm or group of friends to match donations, or scratch your competitive itch by bidding for that must have item in the silent auction. A little competition is never a bad thing, just keep it civil :)

BTW - we have a Society 6 shop where you can buy MIP themed swag - shirts, mugs, bags and more! We'd love it if you tagged us in a photo @themip and #FOI2021

amplify our message

Help us spread the word about our mission and how others can contribute to our important work. Enjoy downloadable freebies to share on social media or print for your walls.
Please tag @themip, and use #TheMIP, #MIP, #MidwestInnocenceProject, #MIPFOI2021, #FOI2021 in your post!
We look forward to seeing you at the FOI Virtual Gala on July 22, 2021.


Join from a compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari) and device. Make sure your browser is up to date.  


You can check compatibility here.


Make sure you have a strong internet connection with a download speed of at least 5mbps (test speed).


Check out this Crowdcast attendee guide to get set up.


Use headphones. This will help eliminate echo and feedback. Hearing an Echo?: If you hear an echo, you likely have two browser tabs or windows open. Please close the duplicate browser tabs.

TV Casting

Use these links for instructions on how to cast from your Android, iPad or iPhone to your television.

ChromecastRokuFirestickApple TVSmart TV+Phone Pairing